Keeping it in the family… but for all the best reasons

Inside and out, interlayers from Trosifol prove their capabilities in structural and aesthetic applications… both sides of the Atlantic

MonoSol has specified interlayer technology from Trosifol for two very different and geographically separated glazing applications. Both companies share Kuraray as a common parent, but in both instances, the Trosifol interlayers were specified by MonoSol for their market-leading performance and excellent aesthetic characteristics.
The first project, MonoSol’s new manufacturing plant in Poland, saw the deployment of SentryGlas® Xtra™ in the building’s exterior façade. Located in the Zimna Wódka, Ujazd Commune, in the Katowice Special Economic Zone, the new plant will begin commercial production in 2021.

One corner of the structure, designed by Polish architect Kwadrat Polska, exhibits a striking tinted glazed façade, laminated by Poland’s Q4Glass, ABJ Investors Sp. z o.o., Spółka Komandytowa. Like many large-scale glass installations, strength, edge stability and post-breakage performance are vital features of the design brief, as is the overall longevity of the aesthetics, so SentryGlas® was the obvious candidate – with its class leading performance, proven in some of the world’s most demanding architectural applications.

A second project is MonoSol’s office completion at their newest manufacturing facility in Lebanon, Indiana (Greater Indianapolis Area) in the USA. Designed by Virtue Architects, the application comprises glazed internal office walls fabricated from panels, laminated by Trout Glass, incorporating Trosifol® Diamond White interlayer, an opaque PVB film that offers a rich, strong shade of white and impressively high reflectivity. It is the ideal material for open-plan office solutions and applications where bold colors are required from branding or privacy.

Part of a large colored-interlayer portfolio, Trosifol® Diamond White PVB delivers both functional and aesthetic characteristics and its optical properties are far superior to coated or fritted glass – reflection is higher and, as the glass does not require tempering, there is less optical distortion. It is also superior to other interlayer alternatives, which would typically need to be triple stacked to get same level of opaqueness.

“One of the goals of this project was to collaborate and support a sister company within the Kuraray Group,” explains P. Scott Bening, President and CEO at MonoSol. “Even though we are both Kuraray companies, it would have been quite difficult to find alternative interlayers on the market that could offer comparable performance, vivid aesthetics and great value. ”

When compared to the alternatives, we clearly chose the best product – decision that was independent of being sister companies.

P. Scott Bening, President and CEO at MonoSol

“It was a pleasure collaborating with fellow Kuraray colleagues,” Bening concludes. “Their technical design capabilities were extremely beneficial in specifying the correct product for each application, their display of passion and concern for the MonoSol projects demonstrated a level of dedication and commitment to the greater success for the Kuraray organisation!”

Ray Nakada, Director PVB Commercial & Marketing, at Trosifol adds: “This is a distinct strength of Kuraray Group – global teamwork and collaboration with team diversity across the regions and the business units for the best solutions. The latest generation SentryGlas® (SGX™) is installed in glazing units of the state-of-art brand new production facility of MonoSol in Poland, for everybody’s safety, and for the building structure and aesthetic. Trosifol® Diamond White provides aesthetic and comfortable working place for MonoSol’s new office in Lebanon Indiana/USA. In both sites, unique and advanced interlayer solutions were chosen. We are very proud to be part of the success story of MonoSol.

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