Strong fibres for uncompromising comfort

Textile motorcycle clothing made with Vectran™

As well as a good bike, motorcyclists need the right gear. Textiles containing Kuraray’s high-performance multifibre yarn Vectran™ are especially safe because the fibre is five times stronger than steel and offers a unique combination of outstanding properties.

Textile motorcycle clothing made with Vectran™ does not just look good. Vectran™ is spun from liquid crystal polymers and can do more than other fibres. Klim, a US producer of motorcycle clothing, therefore swears by fabrics containing Vectran™ fibres. The high tenacity of Vectran™, combined with its softness, makes protective clothing made from such textile fabrics feel as good as leather – yet it is far lighter. That adds up to uncompromising comfort that makes riding a motorbike even more enjoyable. Vectran™ can even be incorporated into denim fabrics for a really casual look.

Vectran ™ is the fibre of choice for demanding applications – especially when it comes to meeting special requirements that other fibres don’t.

Anna Fokerman, Business Development & Marketing 

Thanks to its excellent wear properties, heat resistance and cut and abrasion resistance, Vectran™ protects the wearer even in the event of an accident. “Protective motorcycle gear has to pass demanding tests, including abrasion, tear resistance and seam strength tests,” explains Anna Fokerman, Business Development & Marketing. “Thanks to their Vectran™ content, Klim products meet the specifications for the highest protection class. And fabrics reinforced with Vectran™ protect riders from cuts, grazes and burns in the event of an accident. Clothing made from these fabrics therefore meets very high standards of protection and functional performance – demands made, for example, by the police and for off-road tours.

 Vectran™ – The fibre of choice

  • Ropes and cables
  • Hoses and lines 
  • Aviation and aerospace  
  • Protective gloves and clothing
  • Medical applications
  • Industrial fabrics
  • Inflatables
  • Geotextiles
  • Military equipment 
  • Sails
  • Sports equipment

 Vectran™ – Outstanding properties

  • Very high tensile strength
  • Temperature-resistant
  • Low elongation 
  • Very low creep
  • Low wear 
  • Excellent flex fatigue profile  
  • Cut/slash-resistant
  • Vibration damping 
  • Low moisture absorption 
  • Chemical resistance  
  • Dimensional stability 
  • Impact-resistant

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